Project Information

Project File Information

  • Project Designation: Global Market for Real People
  • Project Code: NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-020486
  • Main objective: Reforçar a competitividade das pequenas e médias empresas
  • Region of Intervention: Norte
  • Benfeficiary Entity: BEST MODELS, S.A.
  • Date of Approval: 16-02-2017
  • Start Date: 21-03-2017
  • Date of Conclusion: 30-06-2019
  • Total Cost Eligible: 214 000,00 €
  • Financial Support from the European Union: FEDER - 96 300,00 €

  • Objectives, activities, and expected results:

    The main objective of the project "Global Market for Real People" goes through the expansion of the activity of Best Models to new markets, namely Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, USA, Dubai and India, which will be achieved through the following activities:

    •     1. Strategic Plan
    •     2. Market Study - France
    •     3. Dissemination and Communication of presence in International Events / Prospecting (newsletters, telemarketing)
    •     4. Design of Bilingual Catalogs and Brochures and Other Promotional Material - Internationalization
    •     5. Remaking the Website
    •     6. Promotional Video - Best Models
    •     7. Management Software – Internationalization
    •     8. Prospecting trips to target-markets
    •     9. Reverse Missions

Through the realization of the project, it’s intended to increase the presence and projection of Best Models in foreign markets, and it is expected that this execution will increase the proportion of the entity's export volume to 21% of the Volume of Total business in the year after the project (2020).